» » » Роузвуд 1 сезон 15 серия "Атеросклероз и Алабама фильм"

Роузвуд 1 сезон 15 серия "Атеросклероз и Алабама фильм"


Описание Роузвуд 1 сезон 15 серия Атеросклероз и Алабама фильм

While at an out-of-town forensic pathology convention, Rosewood unintentionally reveals the blueprint to commit the perfect murder during a speech to the convention attendees. Tormented, and armed only with a hunch, Rosewood enlists Villa to help solve the crime, and while investigating undercover, sparks fly unexpectedly between them. Hornstock and Floyd Butters are called upon for extra help. Meanwhile, Pippy and TMI have locked themselves in the lab overnight to help with the investigation and TMI receives an unexpected visit from her estranged father.

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