» » » Роузвуд 1 сезон 16 серия "Мертвые капли"

Роузвуд 1 сезон 16 серия "Мертвые капли"


Описание Роузвуд 1 сезон 16 серия Мертвые капли

Rosewood investigates the suspicious death of a man with medical issues similar to his own, which forces him to slightly adjust the tint on his Rosie-colored lenses and confront his own mortality. Also adding to his stress, he finds himself trapped between Donna and his girlfriend/cardiologist, Dr. Erica Kincaid (guest star Joy Bryant), and their dueling opinions over what's best for Rosewood - medically and personally. Meanwhile, Hornstock enlists the help of Villa as he attempts to reconnect with one of the witnesses linked to the case..his estranged teenage daughter, Sophie.

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