» » » Юные Титаны 3 сезон 2 серия «Экс»

Юные Титаны 3 сезон 2 серия «Экс»

Описание Юные Титаны 3 сезон 2 серия «Экс»

The Titans investigate a break-in by an unknown intruder. Much to the group's surprise, the thief is Robin's (retired) criminal alter-ego, Red X. As the team scrambles to track him down, Robin broods on how the creation of Red X was a mistake, and resolves to fix it by bringing the new Red X down. Things take an unexpected turn when Professor Chang, a scientist and weapons dealer, captures the other Titans and prepares to unleash a doomsday weapon on the city, forcing a team-up between Robin and Red X to stop him. Can this unlikely alliance save the city?
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