» » » Юные Титаны 3 сезон 6 серия «Очарование»

Юные Титаны 3 сезон 6 серия «Очарование»

Описание Юные Титаны 3 сезон 6 серия «Очарование»

Raven is isolating herself from the other Titans, feeling that no one understands her and that they only regard her as being "creepy". One day, she discovers the ancient soul and spirit of a teenaged wizard named Malchior, who is trapped within one of her magic mystical books. He appears to understand her and encourages her to not feel down about being different, making her happier and more cheerful. Raven falls in love with him and she decides to break the exceptionally strong and powerful curse which binds him to the book. However, Malchior is not everything he appears to be.
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