» » » Юные Титаны 4 сезон 3 серия «Родимое клеймо»

Юные Титаны 4 сезон 3 серия «Родимое клеймо»

Описание Юные Титаны 4 сезон 3 серия «Родимое клеймо»

Slade makes a miraculous return from his supposed "death" and - now sporting a wide array of incredibly strong fire/flame/heat-based abilities - appears before the Titans, and on one day Raven hates more than others, her own birthday. While they scramble to discover how he survived Terra's volcanic attack, and the mystery behind his new powers, he targets Raven for unknown reasons. Raven's unique abilities and powers then activate in an unusual manner in order to protect her friends: she temporarily stops time. But Slade isn't affected and a fight ensues between Raven, Robin and Slade. Slade tries to deliver a message to Raven as Robin learns that Raven holds a dark past underneath her birthday, and is determined to keep her safe from any harm.
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