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Тотали Спайс 6 сезон 1 серия «Анти-социальная сеть»

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Описание серии:

Mandy becomes thrilled when she discovers that a mysterious source has created a social network called Mandybook in her honor, especially after she gets over 20,000 followers within the first hour! But things quickly go downhill when her followers start to follow her... literally! When Jerry sends the spies on a mission to investigate a strange, mind-controlling frequency emanating from somewhere near the girls' campus, the spies discover that the network's creator, Telly Hardwire, is looking for revenge after Mandy who rejected his cyber-friend invitation back in high school. He engineered Mandybook to be a recruitment tool to create an army and simply take her out! In the B-story, Clover is upset when her Fashion Design teacher, Professor Plunkett, is impressed with Sam's and Alex's designs, but not hers.


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