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Тотали Спайс 6 сезон 2 серия «Девять жизней»

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Описание серии:

Bizarre occurrences across the globe prompt Jerry to send the spies on an investigative mission to Italy. There, they discover that something, or someone, is slowly turning the world into what appears to be a gigantic cat habitat. After the spies discover that a half-human, half-cat creature is responsible for the chaos, it seems that a "woman" named Feline Dion, one of Alex's teacher at Mali-U, may be the one to blame. Meanwhile, Alex herself starts to turn into a cat-human once she becomes affected by Feline's experimental DNA serum. Can the spies stop Feline before she turns everyone in the world into cat-people, and can they help Alex before it's too late? In the B-story, Clover tries to hide her desire to become a fashion designer from her mother, by pretending to be majoring in earlobe surgery (like her mom).


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