» » » Тотали Спайс 6 сезон 11 серия «Развязка собачьей выставки!»

Тотали Спайс 6 сезон 11 серия «Развязка собачьей выставки!»

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Описание серии:

When WOOHP learns that several famous show dogs have vanished all across the globe, the girls are sent to investigate a penthouse in New York City while keeping watch over an award-winning pug named Mr. Billingsworth. Once there they find that the dog is already in the process of being abducted, and a bevy of odd clues seem to indicate that the abductor is neither human nor animal. As the girls go undercover at the world renowned West Hollywood Dog Show, they find that their villain is actually a dog show contestant who has never won an award. Not only has he built the "perfect" robot dog to enter the contest with, he's also programmed the pup to take out the competition! In the B-story, Alex disguises Oinky as a pet dog in order to keep him at Mali-U.


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