» » » Звездные войны: Повстанцы 1 сезон 5 серия «Ломая ранги»

Звездные войны: Повстанцы 1 сезон 5 серия «Ломая ранги»

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The episode begins with Ezra Bridger having spent weeks training in the Imperial Academy on Lothal, where he was sent in order to steal an Imperial decoder that contains the location of a powerful kyber crystal that the rebels hope to destroy. He successfully steals the decoder and the rebels destroy the crystal, but Bridger briefly stays in the Academy, having learned that the Inquisitor wants to capture his friend and fellow cadet, Jai Kell. With the help of cadet Zare Leonis, Bridger and Kell escape the Academy, but Leonis remains behind in order to uncover clues about the disappearance of his sister, Dhara—who he suspects was kidnapped by the Inquisitor.


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