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Гангста (Бандитос) 1 сезон 2 серия "Жетон военнослужащего"

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Описание серии:

Nina arrives at the Handymen's office to deliver Nic's medicine. She tells them that Dr. Theo is being harassed by a "Tag", one of the people like Nic. He and Nina leave for the clinic, but Worick spots some suspicious characters and stays behind. Using Alex as a distraction, he manages to dispose of them. Meanwhile, the Tag and some other men are pressuring Dr. Theo to join their organization. They begin to threaten Nina, and are surprised when she arrives unharmed with Nic. Nic and the Tag then begin to fight, with Nic claiming that he can take him down in three minutes. Worick begins to explain the concept of Tags to Alex, but they are interrupted by Nic's fight as he defeats his rival. Afterward, Chad arrives, and berates them for the problems they have caused. Alex asks Nina if she is afraid of Nic, and Nina says she is not: She says Alex is because she doesn't know about Twilights. Elsewhere, the wounded Twilight that Nic fought is killed by an unknown person for failing to complete his job.


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