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Шарлотта 1 сезон 2 серия "Мелодии отчаяния"

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Описание серии:

Yuu begins his life as a member of Hoshinoumi Academy's Student Council, whose job is to ensure the safety of students with supernatural powers. After receiving guidance from a boy named Kumagami, who can detect people with abilities, their first task leads them to Nanba High School, where they catch a student named Udoh who has the ability of thoughtography; it allows him to produce X-ray photos of girls in their underwear and sell them for a profit, after they threaten him he agrees to stop using his ability. The next day, Nao takes Yuu to see her big brother, Kazuki Tomori, revealing that he was experimented on for his ability to manipulate sound waves, rendering him as unstable and insane. Nao further explains that thanks to a particular person she trusts, she was able to escape the school that experimented on her brother and bring him to a friendly environment.


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