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Шарлотта 1 сезон 10 серия "Похищение"

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Описание серии:

Shunsuke explains what happened after time-leaping into the past three years. After explaining his situation to Kumagami and joining up with his allies, Shunsuke began trying to think of a way to keep them safe from the facility. As Shunsuke time-leaped multiple times in order to find an answer, his vision growing weaker with each leap, he eventually came upon the idea to found a school specifically for ability users. Following his final leap, which left him blind and thus unable to use his ability further, Shunsuke managed to buy out an educational facility before arranging for Yuu and Ayumi to have their memories of him erased so he can work behind the scenes. After Shunsuke finishes explanation, Yuu loots his time-leap ability and returns to the day before Ayumi died. Informing Nao of the situation, Yuu takes Ayumi's collapse ability away from her, before she and Nao use their abilities scare off Konishi so she can't bring harm to Ayumi. With Ayumi finally safe, she and Yuu regroup with Kumagami, who takes them to see Shunsuke.


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