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Шарлотта 1 сезон 12 серия "Обещание"

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Описание серии:

Two days after the incident, Yuu wakes up in the hospital and learns of Kumagami's death. As Yuu's friends come to visit him during his rehabilitation, he has a discussion with Misa about life and death, encouraging her to visit her parents while she still has a chance. She gets this opportunity when Yusa hosts a food report on their parents' restaurant, allowing Misa to express her appreciation to them, which in turn gives Yuu a better appreciation of Ayumi's cooking. Later, as Yuu becomes determined to help Shunsuke, who is still in turmoil over Kumagami's death, Nao suggests that he could protect all of the ability users around the world by simply stealing their abilities. Despite the risk of taking on so many powers, Yuu accepts and then confesses his feelings to Nao, who tells him she will be waiting until he succeeds, before taking her ability. After informing Shunsuke of his mission, Yuu prepares to go overseas to find someone with a power similar to Kumagami's to track down other ability users. He takes the abilities of Jōjirō, Yusa, and Misa, the latter of whom leaves behind a letter for Yusa expressing how much fun she had. Before Yuu leaves, Nao hands him some flash cards while he gives back her MP3 player as a vow that he will come back from his journey alive.


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