» » Герои шести цветов 1 сезон 12 серия "Час признания"

Герои шести цветов 1 сезон 12 серия "Час признания"

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The Seventh Brave is finally revealed and tries to convince the other Braves to accept its plan to unite the world of Fiends and Humans with a terrible costs on lives on he human side. The Braves try to deal with the imposter but it escapes, resulting in the deactivation of the barrier of mists. With allied troops arriving at the temple the Braves decide to move on. But not before Rolonia, the Saint of Blood, joins them as the new Seventh. With the activated barrier of mist behind them the path to their home lands is blocked, from this point on the roads leads straight to the Demon God lands. Their mission and purpose is clear : destroy the Demon God and along the way find out the mystery of the now Eight Braves once and for all.


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