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Макс Стил 1 сезон 18 серия "Путаница"

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Описание серии:

Steel is eager to learn more about Extroyer, since he has an Ultra-Link inside him. But when he leaves Max to investigate him, Extroyer scrambles his system and makes him malfunction in all sorts of funny ways. Meanwhile, Extroyer has a hard time morphing and goes to THI to fix his problem. He demands that Max get him what he wants or he'll kill Molly. After repairing himself, Extroyer morphs into a giant gorilla and fights Max. However, Steel arrives and unveils a new TURBO Stealth Mode which helps them defeat Extroyer, but he escapes. Steel then talks to Max about the memories he received after scrambling Extroyer's Ultra-Link, and reveals there used to be another Max Steel look-alike before him.


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