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Макс Стил 1 сезон 20 серия "Рыбалка"

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Описание серии:

When Toxzon's pet plastic goldfish goes missing he holds the world hostage by poisoning all the oceans until Fishy is found. So Max Steel and N-Tek tries to find out the case of Toxic Fish in the ocean. Then Max was rescued by Toxzon, who seem to had survived and wants Fishy back. Then Forge reveals to had thrown it to the trash. Then they made a copy of Fishy. Then Toxzon found out it was not Fishy. Then Toxzon attacked N-Tek and Max with his Goopaniods. Then Forge came with Fishy and then Toxzon had Fishy and did his promise. Then Fishy advised Toxzon to attack Max and N-Tek. Toxzon was so powerful that even Max Steel couldn't defeat him. Then on his way to Copper Canyon, he was defeated by Max, and locked up in a glass tank in the Chemi-Volt at N-Tek. Then at the end, Vin and Dwayne are fishing in a water fountain and then a Toxic Seagull came and scared them.


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