» » » Макс Стил 1 сезон 23 серия "Из двух зол"

Макс Стил 1 сезон 23 серия "Из двух зол"


Описание Макс Стил 1 сезон 23 серия Из двух зол

When N-Tek decides that they need assistance taking down Elementor, they enlist a very unlikely ally- Toxzon to create a toxic formula to defeat him, but Toxzon soon reveals it is actually a poison to mind-control Elementor. Max Steel makes a TURBO Clone Mode to defeat them, making Elementor break free from Toxzon's toxin and pursues after him, angry at him for using him like a pet. At the end, N-Tek says that if Elementor or Toxzon tries to attack their base again they'll be ready.


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