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Удивительный мир Гамбола 4 сезон 3-4 серия

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Описание серии:

Gumball and Darwin decide to join the senior citizens' crew, consisting of Marvin (the red jelly bean), Betty (the green chalkboard), and Donald (the plaid square), after determining that they are the most "hardcore" gang in Elmore, but get in over their heads when they think Marvin wants Louie the mouse dead for leaving the crew.
When Gumball and Darwin learn that Anais is in Eighth Grade which is above them both, they learn that Elmore Junior High has more students than the ones they usually encounter, then the show turns into a teen drama called The So-Called World of Clare, about a mopey, green-haired girl named Clare Cooper saying goodbye to her friends before moving away, and Gumball and Darwin keep shoe-horning themselves into Clare's story so they can give her a happy ending.


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