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Удивительный мир Гамбола 4 сезон 19-20 серия

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Описание серии:

After being framed for feeding coffee- and prune juice-laced nuts to the squirrels and the supermarket bash, Darwin tries to prove to Gumball that Mr. Robinson's wife, Margaret, is a good person underneath her destructive, sociopathic tendencies, but when Darwin sees just how evil Margaret is, the duo decide to catch her committing grand theft auto.
When Alan allegedly ditches Gumball's dinner date with him, Gumball is desperate to track him down and make him pay for his betrayal, only to learn that Alan is taking his mother, Jessica, to the hospital for an organ transplant. He follows him to every where that he goes to, Joyful Burger, Movies, The Lake and then the Hospital.


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