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Aaaaand much like in some episodes of The Walking Dead, the heavily hyped zombie action was generally lacking in Grimm's penultimate Season 2 installment. So put your cricket bats away, my fellow doomsday preppers, it looks like the invasion commences next week. "The Waking Dead" now has the unique distinction of leaving me far more interested, for possibly the first time ever, in Juliette's story than I am in Nick's. With her memory on the mend, Juliette's confidence and assertion has grown, and once she remembered heading over to Monroe's house the night she fell into her coma, she was determined to learn why Nick had taken her there in the first place. Monroe was apprehensive about gettin' his woge on and going full Blutbad in front of Juliette, but with Rosalee and Bud and their somewhat more cute and cuddly Wesen to pad the shock, I think Juliette handled the situation rather well, all things considered.

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