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Отбросы 5 сезон 2 серия


Описание Отбросы 5 сезон 2 серия

While the gang are out on the estate picking up litter, Rudy discovers that his dad, Geoff, is having an affair. With some help from Jess, Rudy decides to investigates further and visits his parents at home, finding everything to be completely normal. After spying on Geoff at his apartment he sees him violently abusing Tina, the woman he was having an affair with, and angrily disowns him as he had never realised his father could be like this. He plans to invite Geoff out for a drink while Jess investigates the apartment, but while they are out Jess is cornered by what seems to be an identical version of Geoff. Jess rings Rudy and asks him what's going on, and Geoff reveals to his son that the Storm had given him the power of Emotional Duplication - the exact some power as Rudy. The second copy of him reflected his violent and selfish side that had affairs and had a short temper.
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