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Красавица и чудовище 2 сезон 6 серия "Отцу виднее"


Описание Красавица и чудовище 2 сезон 6 серия Отцу виднее

Vincent dreams memories of he and Cat.

Vincent goes to Cat's when she's working out her aggression about Agent Reynolds and shares the memories he's recalling.

Vincent tells Cat he only has two more missions left until he's free.

Cat reminds Vincent that the beasts he has to take out are also human beings.

Gabe tells Tess that he thinks Vincent's mission might be taking out himself.

Condor wants Vincent to take out a high profile beast, Curt Winsor.

Cat walks into Agent Reynolds office while he's talking to Vincent as Condor.

Vincent fails taking out Winsor.

Reynolds tells Cat that he honored her mother's wishes, but he couldn't stay away from the important occasions in her life. His plan was to reenter when she turned 18, but then her mother died and he didn't want to take advantage.

Cat was looking into Tori Winsor's kidnapping on Vincent's boat when Curt Winsor came >on board with a bunch of guards.

Vincent tries to get Tori to trust him by removing the tracking device in her arm, then he tells her he wants her father to find them so he can kill him.

Agent Reynolds and Cat visit Winsor together.

Vincent beasts out a bit when comforting Tori, just before Cat finds them in the woods.

Cat talks Winsor into flatlining.
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