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Отбросы 5 сезон 4 серия

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Описание Отбросы 5 сезон 4 серия

Rudy's doppelganger disappears, only to reappear as a doddery octogenarian. Retracing Rudy Two's steps to find out what happened, Rudy One makes a distressing discovery: his doppelganger is a friendly, generous bloke. So why does a handsome stranger want to bump him off?

Summarising the plot of this teen favourite makes it sound utterly barmy, but somehow it all makes perfect sense on screen, largely thanks to Howard Overman's razor-sharp dialogue.

Tonight he also has his juvenile delinquents/superheroes stumble across more unusual superpowers: a little old lady who knits the future and a man literally in the closet.
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