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Касл 6 сезон 9 серия "Последователь"


Описание Касл 6 сезон 9 серия Последователь

A killer starts stringing up lookalikes, first of Lanie and then of Esposito, by taking strippers and giving them plastic surgery and vocal lessons to look and act like their NYPD twins before killing them. The plastic surgeon, Dr. Nieman, certainly has enough menace to be working with the killer. But it begins to look like it’s William Mapother as Carl Matthews, who knows all about hanging people from his “Others time” on Lost.Was he the mastermind? It certainly doesn’t seem like a marina security guard would have the bankroll to pull a Vertigo to begin with. When the EX3 case files go missing – checked out by fake Lanie and Esposito – the scope of a much deeper game is revealed. Maybe Nieman is acting at the behest of a revived EX3? Maybe she’s acting in his memory? But whatever the motive, Castle has a real nemesis now this season. Which is way better than having ‘federal agents.’
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