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Stanley advises Margaret to ensure that the two young princes do not survive the attempt to free them from the Tower; having unsuccessfully sought a sign from God, she instructs her men to kill the boys. Anne Neville, now queen, simultaneously hints to Brackenbury that she would prefer them dead. The attempted “rescue” is thwarted. Buckingham is persuaded to give his allegiance to Henry Tudor and implies that he will carry out the murder of the princes. It becomes clear that the two boys in the tower (the Prince of Wales and the impostor planted by Elizabeth) are dead, and Richard returns to London to look for them. After he secretly visits Elizabeth in sanctuary, she realizes that Margaret has deceived her and puts a curse on the boys’ murderer. Buckingham, unable to join forces with Jasper Tudor, is captured and executed, and Margaret is placed under house arrest for her role in the failed rebellion.

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