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Despite the threat from Henry Tudor, King Richard III remains confident that his reign is unthreatened. Richard begins to take an interest in his niece Elizabeth of York. Anne is jealous, but Richard reveals that he is doing so only to prevent Elizabeth's marriage alliance with Henry Tudor. The former Queen Elizabeth warns her daughter of the curse they cast on Prince Edward's killers: that his children and grandchildren would be struck down prematurely; this could include the young Elizabeth's children should she marry Richard. Following the death of his only son and heir, an embittered Anne dies, and Richard immediately dismisses Elizabeth, realising that his strategy has driven away Neville supporters. Lady Margaret Beaufort is still under house arrest, and there is friction between her and the young Elizabeth of York, who has been sent to stay with her. As Henry Tudor prepares to cross the Channel with his army of French convicts and mercenaries, a solar eclipse takes place; Margaret sees this as a message from God that Henry will be king. She defies her house arrest to ride to Bosworth field where she pleads with Stanley to fight against the king, but he refuses to commit himself. She sees Jasper and is able to talk to Henry before battle commences at Bosworth. Things are not going well for Tudor until Stanley's men charge the king's forces. Richard is killed. As Stanley kneels to offer Henry the crown, Margaret declares herself "Margaret Regina", ordering her husband to remain kneeling before the mother of the king. Elizabeth is reunited with her son Richard and warns him not to seek revenge. She tells her daughter that she will marry Tudor and become queen, just as she herself once was.

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