Описание серии

Bryan Wallace (Gerald Downey), a recently out-of-work consultant, sends his family on vacation from Michigan, but is sent to the hospital after being shot. The shooter is revealed to be Lukas Janssen (Henri Lubatti), an elusive art thief who stole a Vincent van Gogh painting and planted it in Bryan's luggage to avoid suspicion. The investigation is aided by Nicole Booth (Rebecca Mader), a bounty hunter who retrieves stolen art for rewards. The team and Booth follow Janssen to an art gallery. Chin and Kono go undercover to intercept Janssen. However, Janssen stages a robbery to steal the art work in the gallery and hold everybody inside hostage. The rest of Five-0 cover Janssen's alleged escape route. Jerry realizes that Janssen will escape with the hostages and helps the team apprehend Janssen. Booth eventually decides to give the van Gogh painting to McGarrett, who collects the reward to give to Bryan and his family.

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