Описание серии

Anika confronts Lucious about his affair with Cookie, and forces Lucious to forget Cookie and get married the next weekend, but Lucious also promises Cookie that he will leave Anika. Lucious has a hard time choosing which woman he wants to be with. Cookie, Lucious, Jamal, and Hakeem perform a song together. Andre tries to get the vote to take over Empire, but the way that he obtains it puts his marriage at a stand point. Lucious refuses to let Andre run Empire. Jamal reveals that he is gay and makes public headlines. Hakeem and Cookie gets closer, and Cookie warns Hakeem about his girlfriend Camilla for trying to control Hakeem's career as an artist. Lucious decides to marry Anika, which upsets Cookie, who confronts Anika and tells her that she slept with Lucious more than once, after Lucious promised not to hurt her again. Anika throws away her engagement ring and goes to Lucious' long time rival, Billy. Andre attempts suicide but the gun jams. Lucious ends the Lyons Legacy album due to Jamal revealing to the world that he's gay, and Cookie ruining his marriage with Anika.

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