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A delusional, psychotic drug addict, who has a condition where his heart is on the opposite side of his chest, makes his way into the ER after he was shot multiple times because he was eating the face of another patient. A ghost-like patient of Dr. Brooks finds herself in need of help, but she demands that she’ll only see Dr. Brooks until Shane tells her Brooks is dead. Cristina and Owen team up to do surgery on the zombie-like drug addict, and they find out that they actually can work together. Alex and Jo are on another Peds case and save a little girl from being literally “scared to death.” Webber kicks Bailey off his case, and he reappoints Meredith telling her he wants her to help him teach the 2nd year residents. Ben returns to surprise Bailey and Tuck for Halloween, and springs it on Bailey that he has dropped out of his residency to spend more time with her.

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