Описание серии

Meredith reaches the next milestone in her research when a 3-D printer arrives at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Derek, who is itching to get back in the OR, notices a man at Meredith’s presentation who has an eye twitch. Derek and Jackson come together to work on this man, and while doing so, Derek tells Jackson that the time has come for Jackson to let the 2nd year residents practice on their own. Bailey is losing her mind about a “smell” in Tuck’s bedroom, as well as a nonexistent hole in her patient’s body. Callie conducts an interview with Owen’s new girlfriend, Emma, but while talking to Arizona, Emma realizes that she could never work at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital because if something were to happen to her and Owen, everyone would side with Owen. Webber tells April that he finally found himself again when he started CPR on his neighbor who had fallen, which then leads April to tell her fiancée, Matthew, that they need to wait to have sex until they get married. Cristina betrays Meredith by going behind her back with Ross and destroying her 3-D printed liver in order to print a conduit for Cristina and Ross’ patient.

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