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Ben confides in Shepherd about Bailey’s recently odd behavior, which he thinks is OCD. This raises concern and results in Shepherd and Owen doubting Bailey’s mental and physical competencies. Now that Arizona has moved back in with Callie, she tells Callie that she was involved with someone. It is later revealed during surgery that the “someone” was Leah. Awkward tension grows between April and Jackson when she tells him he’s not getting an invitation to her wedding because Matthew feels weird inviting him, plus she thought he would be Stephanie’s “plus one.” While Meredith is busy working with Richard to get him out of the hospital, she is also planning a Thanksgiving dinner at her house and Emma’s cooking the dinner. Webber, who is eager to leave and despite Jo’s warnings, pushes himself too hard on the treadmill and falls down resulting in broken ribs. Because he’s going to be stuck in the hospital a little while longer with the residents, the residents plan a KFC Thanksgiving dinner. Cristina and Shane need to use the 3-D printer again since their first conduit got contaminated, but Meredith says they can’t because she absolutely needs it for her research.

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