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As April and Matthew’s wedding day draws near, the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital prepare for the big day while dealing with their own issues. Derek is working with a federal initiative that wants to use his name to support their work, but he refuses their offer because he is supposed to be cutting back so that Meredith can take more time for her research. Alex starts to get along with his dad, but it comes to a halting stop when his dad starts talking poorly of his mother. Meredith and Cristina argue while getting fitted for their bridesmaid dresses, but when they show up to April's wedding, they start to mend their differences by accepting that they are in different places. Bailey tells Ben that it's essentially his fault for her OCD troubles because her symptoms only worsened when he quit surgery. Jimmy requires emergency heart surgery, and Shane rushes him into the OR; however, Webber has to take over when Shane begins to relive Brooks' death. During April and Matthew's wedding, Derek gets a call from the President of the United States, and Jackson stands up and confesses his love for April.

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