Описание серии

It’s the day before the winner of the Harper Avery award is honored, and Cristina has plans with Meredith to go to Joe’s, have a few shots of tequila, and write her acceptance speech. Before she can engage in those plans, her patients’ parents start arguing which endangers the kids’ health. Both girls reject their hearts, while their brother still awaits his transplant. While babysitting Zola and Bailey, Callie and Arizona decide that Callie will carry their second baby. April and Jackson also face off when Jackson thinks that it’s ludicrous that his patient’s parents don’t want a cochlear implant for their deaf daughter. April substitutes her faith for the cochlear implant, and Jackson suddenly sees the problem. April then shows up on the doorstep of Callie and Arizona’s place asking to stay for a while. Cristina who goes to the Harper Avery award ceremony by herself, has last second doubts about being there alone and calls Meredith. After pulling herself together, she walks in to locate her table only to find Meredith and Owen waving her over. Unfortunately, Cristina does not win the Harper Avery award.

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