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Now that Cristina is no longer at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Maggie Pierce must step up to the plate as the new cardiothoracic surgeon. Meredith and Maggie clash in the OR in true sister fashion as their personalities are complete opposites. Callie and Arizona debate over the use of a surrogate; Callie initially doesn’t want a surrogate, but changes her mind realizing that one can't control everything. Arizona wants to shelf the idea altogether in order to become a fetal surgery fellow, which means going back to school. Alex and Bailey fight for Cristina's position on the board. Richard, Jackson, and Derek try to distract Owen from Cristina's departure by inviting him to hang out on a "man date thing." Meredith leans to Alex to console the loss of her best friend, which makes Jo jealous. Derek tells Meredith that he chooses her and the kids over his brain mapping initiative in Washington, D.C.

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