Описание серии

Owen takes Callie to a veteran’s hospital with hopes of her using her lab to provide wounded veterans robotic legs. However, she’s not able to help one of the veterans due to damaged nerves, until Jackson steps in. As Alex tries to prepare for his presentation to fill Cristina’s position on the board, Meredith distracts him with the news of her new half-sister, Maggie. Searching through hospital records, Meredith finds out that Maggie is indeed her half-sister. Ellis was unknowingly pregnant when she was admitted for slitting her wrists. Derek and Amelia fight over being the Chief of Neurosurgery, which makes Derek second guess his decision to stay in Seattle. With the new fellowship and the wounded veterans project, Arizona is concerned about having the time to have another baby causing Callie to once again doubt their future together. Richard attempts to tell Maggie that he is her father, but she already knew who he is and blames him for not telling her sooner. Alex and Bailey go head to head in front of the board for the open spot; Bailey is given the seat leaving Alex without a job.

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