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In a series of flashbacks, Meredith and Richard manage to come to terms with their past relationships with Ellis. In order to sort out the new revelation of having a half-sister, Meredith goes searching through her mother’s diaries and video footage. Alex learns that the board’s vote to replace Cristina wasn’t as close as Arizona led him to believe. In fact, the vote was unanimously in favor of Bailey. He confronts Arizona about her lie, and she confides in him that she didn't vote for him because she wanted to hire him as the new pediatrics attending so she could take a step back and focus on the fetal surgery fellowship, and to save her marriage. Meredith and Derek still feuds over his decision to stay in Seattle, but the argument subsides once Maggie tells him she is Meredith’s half-sister. Bailey finds out from Richard who Maggie really is when she tries to reverse Maggie’s decision to leave Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Meredith learns from Richard that the day at the carousel was the day he left Ellis for good. He only stayed with Adele because of his hatred and jealousy of Ellis’ first Harper Avery award nomination for the Grey Method. Meredith is able to recover her repressed memories of Ellis’ pregnancy by leafing through Ellis’ 1983 diary and talking to Richard; leading Meredith to have a change of heart about Maggie.

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