Описание серии

Jo becomes emotional after performing surgery on a homeless veteran that was living in her car and realizes how far she’s come in her relationship with Alex, in addition to her fear of change that will rob her of all that they have together. Bailey’s patient comes into the ER because of extreme heartburn; however, the extended case of heartburn created the perfect environment in his esophagus for cancer to take over. This causes Bailey to become more aware of her health and weight. April's mother, Karen, arrives in Seattle to help April and Jackson prepare the nursery for their baby. Karen's unwelcome enthusiasm upsets April, but with the help of Jackson, April forgives her mother. Derek invites Maggie and Richard to dinner, despite Meredith’s pleas to cancel. Meredith and Derek lose track of time when they take a shower together, which leads to Maggie and Richard having a heart-to-heart talk where Richard apologies for his behavior. Arizona continues to work through her fetal surgery fellowship, and learns a shocking secret that Dr. Herman has an inoperable brain tumor, and has only six months to live. Dr. Herman suggests to Arizona of teaching her a year of medicine in six months in exchange of Arizona's silence.

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