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As Dr. Herman's time continues to run out, Arizona becomes more and more concerned about her showing symptoms during surgery. Despite Dr. Herman's demands for Arizona to stay out of her business, Arizona pretends to be Dr. Herman's doctor and orders her scans be sent to Dr. Shepherd. Callie and Owen are moving forward with Callie’s robotic limb lab, but they come to a head when one of the wounded warriors takes one too many steps, falls, hits his head, and finds himself in a coma. April and Jackson are close to becoming parents, and during one of the ultrasounds, Stephanie detects a possible life-threatening birth defect that Arizona and Dr. Herman confirm. The president of the United States sends a woman to offer Derek the job he previously turned down. This intensifies his fight with Meredith. Amelia, who was told by Arizona about Dr. Herman's supposedly inoperable brain tumor, thinks she can save Dr. Herman's life. Jo confronts Alex about his friendship with Meredith; however, Alex reassures her that she is the love of his life, that the house is a place where everyone is welcome to stay, and that's how it'll always be. Meredith, tired of Derek saying he gave up everything for her and the kids, tells him to take the job and just go to D.C. Derek calls the woman back to accept the job during the fight and then walks away.

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