Описание серии

The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are at it again, this time saving the victims' lives of multiple car accidents caused by a woman with insulinoma (a tumor on the pancreas). April and Jackson deal with the news that their unborn baby boy has osteogenesis imperfecta, a life threatening disease with little hope. Many of the victims they are treating are young children, which makes their situation all the more difficult. Meredith must cope with the absence of Derek who took off to Washington, D.C. Through flashbacks to their Post-it wedding, she realizes that she needs him, and that she wants him to do what he needs to do. They decide that he should go through with his trip, and that they’ll make it work. Arizona and Amelia study Dr. Herman’s tumor, and they come up with a game plan. At first, Dr. Herman is pessimistic and thinks there is no hope. However, she finally succumbs to Arizona’s optimistic point-of-view and agrees to go forth with the surgery…only once it becomes almost inoperable.

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