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Now that Derek is in Washington, D.C. and Cristina is in Switzerland, Meredith is having to learn to sleep alone. She’s lonely, but she’s not the only one. Amelia feels like no one understands her game plan, and therefore, think she’s setting herself up for failure. Richard helps her realize that just because others can’t see it, that doesn’t mean her goal can’t be achieved. April and Jackson continue to struggle with the news that their child is in grave danger. Jackson tells April that if their child has Type II of osteogenesis imperfecta, he wants to abort. This, of course, doesn’t line up with April’s Christian beliefs. Karen, April’s mother, returns to comfort her daughter, but instead finds herself arguing with Jackson about what to do. Callie and Owen meet with a sales representative to discuss parts for their robotic limbs lab, but the sales rep has more in mind than just her sales pitch. She hits on Callie at Joe’s, but Callie denies the invitation to a one-night stand, because she’s not quite ready to take that step. Meredith, Maggie, and Bailey team up to perform surgery on a woman who has a puzzle of a tumor in her abdomen. Struggling to get a clear picture of the whole tumor, Meredith comes up with the idea to 3-D print the scans. This allows them to come up with a strategy to remove the whole tumor, and they successfully do so.

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