Описание серии

U.S. Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke awakens from a car accident on the outskirts of Wayward Pines, Idaho. After entering town and collapsing in a coffee shop, he recalls driving with Agent Stallings, searching for Agents Hewson and Evans. Beverly, a bartender, gives him a note with an address where he finds the decaying corpse of Agent Evans, which he reports to an uninterested Sheriff Pope. When Ethan is subsequently hospitalized, psychiatrist Dr. Jenkins suggests surgery, but Beverly helps him escape. In Seattle, Dr. Jenkins meets with Ethan's boss Hassler and tells him everything is going as planned. Ethan's wife Theresa wonders if he has run off with Agent Kate Hewson. Ethan finds Kate in Wayward Pines, but she claims to have been there for 12 years. He steals a car to leave town, only to discover that a high fence surrounds the town. Sheriff Pope tells him that he cannot leave.

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