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Despite Pope's ordering him to remain in his hotel room while Evans' death is investigated, Ethan goes to the morgue to inspect Evans' clothing to find a journal with a map of the area. He also learns that Evans was married and speaks with his widow, who claims her husband committed suicide in front of her. Ethan inspects the map to find a way past the fence noted on the map, and he and Beverly plan to escape after removing tracking devices implanted in them. Meanwhile, Theresa and Ben set out for Idaho to find Ethan. Before Ethan and Beverly can escape, they are invited to dinner by Kate and her husband Harold. There, Beverly slips and mentions something from her past, breaking one of the town's rules. She panics, and she and Ethan leave; Kate tells Harold she is sure they will run. Phones around town begin to ring, and the townspeople are mobilized to search for Ethan and Beverly. They separate. Beverly is caught, and then executed by Pope in front of the entire town.

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