Описание серии

Kate warns Ethan that he has been given a rare second chance after Beverly's execution. Theresa and Ben drive to Wayward Pines, but Pope waylays them en route. While attempting escape, Ethan finds a garage with Theresa's car. Pope finds and drugs Ethan, who later awakens in the hospital. Before Ethan can explain what is going on to Theresa, he meets Kate in the woods by his newly assigned home, where she explains that she tried to escape for years, but the only way to survive is to play along. Ben sees Ethan and Kate together and tells Theresa. Theresa and Ben try to leave, but Pope stops them. Ethan defends them, eventually killing Pope with his own gun. Ethan opens a gate in the perimeter fence with Pope's remote, but before the Burkes can drive out, something enters and drags Pope's body beyond the fence. Hearing bestial cries, Ethan closes the gate.

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