Описание серии

Burkes drive back to WP. Ethan, Theresa discuss WP, agree to play "happy families". Ben receives uniform and invite to WP Academy. Ethan at Sheriff’s office, Arlene Moran brings cake, says "congratulations Sheriff Burke", Mayor Fisher also congratulates the surprised Burke on his new role. Ethan asks who appointed him, hears only more cautions. Ben welcomed to school by teacher Maggie Fisher, the Mayors Wife and former hypnotherapist, this Ethan finds out from a hidden stash of personal files on the WP residents. Pam brings in Peter McCall an alleged insurgent and demands a reckoning, Ethan refuses. Maggie quizzes Ben about home, family. Theresa visits Kate in her toy store. Ben walks home with Amy after school, Mom didn’t show. Burke talks with McCall. Burkes and Fishers share a meal. Amy visits Ben, go for evening walk. The older Burkes meet Dr Jenkins in the woods, where Jenkins states reckoning is necessary evil. Ethan takes McCall out to the wall where McCall commits suicide by electric fence. Theresa gets a job at the realtors. Back home Ethan tells Theresa he will leave to get help. He climbs a rock face to escape, atop of which an unhuman figure awaits.

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