» » » Форс-Мажоры 5 сезон 5 серия "Toe to Toe"

Форс-Мажоры 5 сезон 5 серия "Toe to Toe"


Описание Форс-Мажоры 5 сезон 5 серия Toe to Toe

When Harvey's bitter rival Travis Tanner turns up on the other side of a case, claiming to be a changed man, Harvey and Mike must decide whether to believe him - or bury him. As Harvey's sessions with Dr. Agard continue, she links his personal stake in the Tanner fight to issues from his past. Meanwhile, Jessica tasks Louis to make things right with Harvey, and with Rachel and Donna's help he devises a plan - one which could make an enemy of the formidable Jack Soloff.

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