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Inspector Bucket sets his sights on Silas Wegg. The Artful Dodger steals for Sikes, then secretly reports on him to Fagin. Bob Cratchit repays his loan but Scrooge says him he shall punish him nonetheless. The Dodger spies on Sikes playing the gentleman to win Nancy's heart. Matthew, whom Amelia has now involved with the brewery, meets Arthur and Compeyson at the tavern. Frances prevents Jack Hawdon from meeting Edward, then ambushes her sister with Sir Leicester, come to see Honoria. Mrs Bumble rewrites her husband's letter to the board, inviting a Mr Gradgrind to a feast at their establishment. Scrooge will make Bob work late every night. Compeyson fools Matthew into trusting him, then orchestrates his rescue during a drunken dare of jumping between rooftops. Wegg tells Bucket that he heard Marley, that fateful evening, say "Barnaby" while arguing with a "gent"; Bucket realizes that he is referring to Edward Barbary.

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